Book of the month: Superheroes: Inspiring Stories of Secret Strength, Sophia Thakur and illustrated by Denzell Dankwah

What do you want to be when you grow up? Discover the new daring tales of inspiration from over fifty iconic British icons today, who have each harnessed their curiosity and ambition and turned it into their own superhero power. With a special introduction by Stormzy!

Every inspirational figure has something that makes them special, just like you. Just look at:

  • Princess K , who went from tapping her foot under the desk at school, to dancing centre stage at Glastonbury
  • Dina Asher Smith , who started out crawling at lightning speed and became the fastest British woman in history
  • Reggie Yates , who used his power of empathy to connect instantly both in person and through the TV
  • Riz Ahmed , whose ability to code-switch between cultures and creative outlets let him excel as a scholar, actor, activist, and rapper
  • Liam Charles , who followed his childhood passion in the kitchen to become a Bake Off master

This is a book filled with inspiring journeys, to encourage and empower you to harness your power, and become your own superhero.

8% of the RRP for all print sales in the UK of Superheroes will be donated to MERKY FOUNDATION LIMITED (Registered Charity No. 1186891)