About us

In 2017, Faber Children’s and the Andlyn Literary Agency together created the Faber Andlyn (FAB) Prize to help discover new writers and illustrators from underrepresented backgrounds. This prize is the first of its kind in the UK and our alumni have gone on to release amazing books that are rich in culture and colour. But we want to do more with this platform. So we rebranded.

This new platform is a hub for aspiring writers, illustrators and publishing professionals. Every week we will release an interview, conversation or article featuring a talented creative already working in the industry. There is so much more to publishing than writing, illustrating and editorial. There is enough space for everyone. FAB will proudly showcase this as well as championing the work and voices of those within our publishing community.

About Ama Badu

At the beginning of 2020 the world of publishing opened its door to me for the first time. My internship was the result of a programme designed to increase diversity and inclusivity within the industry. In my three month placement, I began to understand just how crucial this programme was. As an outsider looking in, I was overjoyed by the increasing number of books that told stories from underrepresented voices. This is progress, I thought to myself as I delved into pages that transported me to new communities, lands and worlds. However, from the inside looking out, I now understand just how much more work is yet to be done.

Visibility and community are both so important to me. The new FAB platform will be just that. It is the space I wish I had when I first came into publishing.

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(Photo Credit – Aaron Dunworth)

The FAB Prize

Every child deserves to see themselves in books, and in the authors and illustrators whose work they read. The FAB Prize aims to discover and showcase new talent, closing the gap between what is currently published and the reality for many families.