Book of the month: Ellie Pilla is (Almost) In Love, Christine Pillainayagam 

Everyone’s favourite confused heroine Ellie Pillai is back in the perfect summer romance!

Note to self: what is falling in love, and am I really sure I want to do it? Ever since Ellie and Ash got together, Ellie Pillai has been discovering kissing and . . . questions . . . so . . . many . . . questions.

When Ellie goes to New York, she has to say goodbye to sexy Ash after only having just got together with him. As Ash’s text messages get more and more cryptic and annoying, Ellie meets Dirty-Blond stranger, a boy from school who wants her to join his band.

And suddenly everything feels a bit more complicated as well as more exciting – because what happens if you’re on cloud nine, but not actually sure who you should be falling in love with?